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ILASIK = Intralase Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis

Most people know LASIK as getting one's myopic eyes zapped by a laser and waking up the next morning with 20/20 vision. That is mostly accurate. A newer version, iLASIK, sounds like a bad, Taiwanese, advertisement: "I LASIK. How about you?"
I've wanted to get LASIK for over ten years, but worried about long term effects and The Flap. A laser or microkeratome cuts a circular flap in a subject's cornea in order to modify the tissue underneath. Articles online warn readers about "dislodging the flap." If one loses one's contacts on the taekwondo mat, fine, pick them up, toss them, whatever. If one loses one's cornea flaps...

The good news is all-laser LASIK, as opposed to LASIK that uses a blade, is far less likely to be associated with flap complications. (If trauma occurs, keep the tissue moist and get thee to an eye surgeon, stat). Guess it's a good thing my violin student talked me out of the older LASIK way back when in Taiwan.

In 1995, PR…

LOC = Level of Consciousness

Tibetan Buddhists see the dream as the middle world between life and death, and our waking lives flickering shadows in Plato's cave (to mix our philosophies). The aboriginal Senoi of West Malaysia actively practiced lucid dreaming; their dream control and utilization mostly freed them from mental illness and violence. For those interested, below's a quick and dirty manual for lucid dreaming.
A simplified architecture of dreaming uses the model of The Tibetan Book of the Dead:
I. Chikhai Bardo: complete transcendence--beyond words, space-time, self--non-rapid-eye-movement descent into deep slumber.
II. Chonvid Bardo: the self, or external game reality, in the form of dream visions.
III. Sidpa Bardo: the return to consciousness through awakening.

I. During the first period, observation and self-remembering increase the likelihood of a lucid dream. Using critical thinking and observation, make a habit of noticing when things simply don't make sense. As you drift off to sleep,…

Week 17. HS = Hour of Sleep

HS, hour of sleep, aka bedtime--a beautiful word to hardworking, sleep-deprived people all around the world. The primary function of sleep is unclear, though it clearly contributes to physiological and psychological restoration. Humans spend a full third of their lives in slumber.

Circadian rhythms regulated by sleep are cyclical, as are sleep cycles. Rapid-eye-movement periods bring the most vivid and curious dreams, including lucid ones. If one recognizes a discrepancy or missing logic in one's surroundings and realizes this is a dream, one becomes suddenly lucid, holding the potential to control an entire dream world, along with the people in it.

When sleep goes wrong, insomnias (difficulty sleeping), hypersomnias (e.g. narcolepsy), and parasomnias (e.g. sleepwalking) occur.

A sedative at a low dose becomes a hypnotic at high dose. Sometimes a paradoxical response occurs; instead of feeling sedated, one develops insomnia, euphoria, anxiety, or rage.

Benzos: Diazepam, Lorazepam,…

Week 16. LPAT = Leveled Physical Assessment Tool

Approach a patient during the head-to-toe physical assessment with no preconceptions, no assumptions, no judgement. Also, with kindness, patience, and respect.
Please allow me to take your temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and O2 saturation. What is your pain level on a scale of 0-10? How did you sleep last night?

What is your full name? Do you know where you are and what brought you here? What time/day is it?
If you don't mind, I will check your head for lumps and bumps and run gloved fingers through your hair. I see your eyebrows, nice lashes, the whites of your eyes a bit bloodshot. My, what big eyes you have. Do you wear contacts or need glasses? Can you hear this? How about this? Sniff for me through one nostril, then the other. Thank you. Please open up wide so I can see your tongue, mucous membranes, and teeth/dentures. Swallow for me. Say something. Okay, no aphasia, but I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that.
You're breathing a little har…