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WBC = White Blood Cells

Nursing Instinct

Baby Nurse




ERAS = Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

OS = Oculus Sinister

Three Styles of Nursing Interviews

Metaphorsis = Metaphor/Metamorphosis

Merced = Mercy

The Little Red Hen

Ergot, Ergo...

The Sleep Revolution

Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

What to Expect When You're NCLEX-ing Part II: Pearson

What to Expect When You're NCLEX-ing Part I: Test Basics

ZYZZYVA = a tropical American weevil

GCS = Glasgow Coma Scale

Hx = History

4.18. Gratitude, Remembering the Dead, & Pokemon

4.17. Giving Birth Dream

4.16. To wean = gradually eliminate

4.15. Pareto Principle = 80/20 rule

4.14. Mercy Medical Center = Dignity Health

4.13. Photo Essay: R = Resilient