3.16. Tx = treatment

There's always a few individuals in the workplace who are so shady, negative, or incompetent that they are like cancer within the business, institution, or organization. How do we treat these malignant-tumor-type individuals? Surgery, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, palliative care, and mixed metaphors.

Surgery: cut those people out. Fire them; remove their questionable work and policies as much as possible from the institution (or nation?) to prevent further damage. Everything they have touched, as far as possible, must go--this is termed negative margin. Successful removal of all cancerous tissue amounts to a cure.

Chemo: deliver a heightened level of law & punishment to the entire organization, with the goal of pronouncing the worst offenders guilty and forcing them to go. Multiple approaches may be enforced, making it impossible for the tumor to carry on. The toxicity/strictness of chemotherapies have been specifically designed to target the offending cancer, so while some other fast-growing, normal cells (poor interns/noobs) may be affected, it's hopefully the malignant ones that get weeded out after multiple treatments.

Radiation: target the problem area/office and apply impossible pressure/ionizing rays until the (t)issue is destroyed. Radiation may be applied from an external source (the board!) or internal (low-level micro-management.) Unfortunately, any innocent folk exposed to the radiation may be adversely affected, so try to maintain a distance of 6 feet, no pregnant women or visitors younger than 16 allowed, and limit visits to less than 30 minutes so nobody gets hurt unnecessarily while the office is under irradiation.

Immunotherapy: crack down on anyone not doing what they're supposed to, such as pretending to be a normal cell when clearly a tumor. Antibodies, cytokines, efficiency experts, video cameras and other surveillance are increased in order to hunt down the bad seeds.

Palliative: sometimes there's nowhere to go but down, but let's make everyone suffers as little as possible on the way out. There may still be minor surgery, even chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, but since the damage is too great and the business beyond saving, might as well declare bankruptcy and not be stingy with pain meds or emotional and spiritual support. This does not have to end badly; comfort care can be completely peaceful and dignified.

This kind of looks like a business organization chart...


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