Squid Games

1. The Rose of Sharon has Bloomed

World’s biggest pistachio
creepy giant doll with machine gun
who knew the happiness/open-heart fruit,
kai sing guo, blooms on trees?
Blood everywhere
natural and artificial selection at work 
(Is it natural selection if we warn them and they won’t listen?)

2. Triangle / Circle / Star / Umbrella
Are the cute alpacas decorated with pom poms
going to be sacrificed, the child inquires.
To Yahweh by Abraham or Allah by Ibrahim
(everyone knows they are the same, right?)
But cross / Virgin Mary / star  
obviously the same God and that never stopped the killing
red suits black masks / circle / triangle / square
black box tied with red ribbon
no mother to bring you an umbrella
if good rain starts to fall

3. Tug of War
Who would have thought misogyny & ageism
informed a simple game?
Snow or sand, freeze or burn
Snow-colored lizards, even stowaway spiders albino. 
White man in white shirt drove white car to White Sands
mask on, blending in so he can watch the survival game
Sunbursts over metal planks
walk off the plank or get pulled off
the rope of life guillotined in two


4. Marbles
Have you lost them? That’s okay, as long as you don’t lose them all
Go to the ER for these warning signs:
inability to breathe, confusion
facial droop / arm drift / speech difficulty = time to call 911.
Metal dog barks at the moon in New Mexico
land of clay, aquamarine blue and hanging dried chilies
like garlic against vampires
warding off so many the towns deserted.
Did you know there’s a ghost town in New Mexico called Corona?
(going to leave that one alone)
How about some holy water from El Santuario de Chimayo?

5. Glass Bridge
Left or right, glass might shatter
CRISIS HOTLINE: There is hope, make the call (PUSH TO CALL)
The bridge sells iridescent stones
examine the light.
Scrub Daddy rocks smile
carved with needle, not glacier

6. Squid Game
Why squid?
Why not House, Triangle / Square, or Calamari?
Independence Pass allows you to use both feet
National Geographic Series with moody sky and impossible dunes 
(re)directing the wind
Vail vale and village
purest of kitchens with mountain fish
rock bullet came from nowhere 
no such thing as a free pass home
something has to give
glass, cash or life



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