COVID-19 Nightmare

In my dream, I am at work on a busy hospital unit, and suddenly an announcement comes on overhead.

Instead of the usual breakfast/lunch/dinner-tray/quiet-time/paging doctor-so-and-so overhead, the operator solemnly informs us that we have all been exposed to COVID-19* (which in this nightmare has mutated to become stronger and more contagious than ever) and it is with great regret that the administrators have had to make a difficult decision. Due to airborne contamination, everyone currently in the hospital will be force-quarantined in the building so we do not infect others in the community.**

We are to eat, sleep, bathe (CHG? sink? baby wipes?), and work alternative twelve-hour shifts in the hospital for the foreseeable future.

The interdisciplinary healthcare workers who are here in the hospital will all do the best we can for the many infected patients within the facility. The hospital is stretched to capacity, no empty beds, the ICU full. Nobody can come in, and noone can leave. Physicians, Dieticians, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Certified Nursing Assistants, Residents, Physical Therapists, no matter--we live here now. Make your phone calls and arrange for childcare, elder care, etc. Tell your children you love them dearly. Hopefully your phone is charged. (We can never find those complimentary, universal chargers...)

I wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, thinking to myself, I should pack my phone charger and an eyebrow pencil for work, that would be a good would be awful to be phone-less and without eyebrows while living and working indefinitely in the hospital.

The only silver lining that briefly occurred to me in the dream, in the midst of utter devastation regarding being separated from my daughter and maybe working here until I become symptomatic, go to ICU, and die, is that the hospital cafeteria is a pokestop. (I've always wanted to live at a pokestop, but not like this...)

*They did just announce the first positive case in our area.

**This is literally a nightmare I had, and not reality. This would never happen (--right? Pretty sure it would be a human rights violation of some sort.)


  1. MrT sez TheEnd is coming soon...
    Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd

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