Lokahi = harmony & balance

Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua  – “Love all you see, including yourself.” --Hale Makua

The “I” expands in the sky

too miniscule for singularity

collective consciousness the okina within molecules

            Cartesian after all

If you dream it

flight is possible

            after a couple covid tests

a dozen shades of turquoise and blue

wake up with clouds behind you

breakfast on the lanai in Lana’i


You are not alone

the statues

            they are watching

the pale one with stretched face

dark one on chunky horse

colony of cutter treehuggers

bright red O’Keeffe orchid on green lawn

Hermes with gunshot wound, front entry, side exit

            they move when you’re not looking


the bird with a bad leg

limps leisurely about the grounds



Meditation deck before lotus pond

Aham Brahmasmi

            unless leg falls asleep

Rainbows from evenings, mornings, afternoons

to license plates & fallen leaves


Manele Bay

red sand black rocks indigo water

legends and folktales:

sea chamber to leave your lover

who can’t swim

cliff to take her, too

wall of seashells


Ironed ti leaves

blossoms braided by

girls in black pearls

from only school on island


Departure leis

two passengers on plane

twenty people in elevator

              no masks

beachfront hotels with sand beaches

that stand in pools

tourist bus outside temple

coconuts hairy or green

(Are we still allowed to say Chinaman’s hat?)


The universe a ball

double rainbows on fire

sunset to end all sunsets

haloed silhouettes

Hawaiian girl and Totoro

somewhere over the rainbow

            we fly



Diamond Head with overwhelming head count

dark tunnel no air no masks

file of prisoners heading towards summit

cane, unvaccinated children and all



Conditions must be perfect

for the blowhole to blow

for ancestors to subsist on shellfish and plants

in coastal caves of Africa

red dust restaurant with oyster shells


unsolicited advice


Farewell rainbow in light rain

Sun Yat-sen at airport

in permanent meditation by pavilion

Guardian spirit Honu

Hawaiian girl with hibiscus

waiting to 




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