Things People Say

Do you realize your name rhymes with Wuhan?

(You don’t say)

There’s no way I’ll ever remember your name. 

It’s too hard.

Why do all the diseases come from China?

What nationality are you?


How’s the weather in Thailand?

You’re so tiny and cute.

What are you doing after work?

Just give me your number. I won’t tell.

Your English is so good.

When did you come to America?

What does your name mean, in your Native Language?

(Why does my name have to mean anything for you?)

Take off your mask. 

I want to see your face.

How old are you, really?


You Asian women really like to take care of your men, don’t you?

I know you all like to keep your men clean.

Nurse! Sponge bath!




Bring me a sandwich.

What took you so long? Did you go to China to get it?

Asian women are so beautiful. And gracious. I went to Thailand, and the women there are so friendly, so grateful. They love Americans there.

You’re not from that WOO-HAN place, are you?


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