3.3. Cardiac = of the heart

A heart beating through the chest can be visible, not just in cartoons.

1: verb. to omit sounds from a word.
2: verb. to lose consciousness.

Heart palpitations aren't always abby normal. Everybody gets butterflies once in a while. Racing, skipping, or pounding heart beats may come from nervousness, sleep deprivation, caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco. Rule out possible heart failure and thyroid issues.

Auscultation is a type of auditory consultation between a medical professional and specific parts of a patient's body, mediated by thoughtfully pre-warmed instruments. Tell me the truth, the stethoscope whispers, and the heart acquiesces.

Cardiac tamponade is about as bad as it sounds. Excess fluid must be drained, not plugged.
Lubb: S1, the long, low sounds of tricuspid and mitral valves closing during contraction of the heart.
Dubb: S2, the short, high sounds of aortic and pulmonic valves closing during relaxation. Also: a musical genre.

The stuttering "b"s above could be split heart sounds, or extra ones.

S3: Ken-tuck-y, ventricular gallop, the chordae tendineae pulling on mitral valve during rapid filling.
S4: Ten-ne-see/To-ron-to, atrial gallop, blood forcing its way into a thickened ventricle.
Summation gallop: all the horse's hooves: S4, S1, S2, S3.

Murmurs sound like an approaching train, wind in a tunnel, an angry cat, or Katy Perry (swish swish ). Varieties: crescendo, plateau, decrescendo...sometimes innocent, but never sweet.


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