4.17. Giving Birth Dream

It's that time in the semester for Really Weird dreams. This happens to be a Giving Birth dream, which I'm sure has something to do with my regretting not studying my OB book for a particular, recent, exam.

In my dream I am pregnant, and am just considering Hey, Google-ing or using Naegele's rule to figure out when my due date is (although of course I don't remember the first day of my last menstrual perod), I feel a bit of pressure Down There, something slippery come out, and I reach down.

I have given birth to an intact bag of waters, baby suspended inside. The bag, incidentally, is a 1000ml IV bag of 0.9% normal saline, so I know it's sterile.
Instead of calling an instructor, or doctor, or 911, I try calling one of my classmates who precepted in OB. The call goes to voicemail.

My daughter comes up, concerned, and I calmly ask her to get some towels.

I wonder if there are still sterile gloves lying around somewhere from when we took them home from lab to practice first semester. I need to keep the cord moist.  I'm not going to have anything sterile enough to poke the bag, which is actually pretty darn thick, because this saline bag baby came double bagged--in the regular IV bag plus the thick plastic bags they come in, which I always have a hard time ripping.

How do I keep the entire bag and baby warm? Nothing is clean or warm enough, and here comes my daughter, dragging along the carpet and grimy linoleum the same bath towel I wrapped around her after her bath earlier.

At this point in the dream I turn back to the internet.

Hey Google, what do I do if I give birth and the baby's still in a bag?

Google: I'm sorry. Something went wrong.

You don't say.


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