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If you're a nursing student, you've probably seen this guy before. Let's call him Everyman. (You may know Jenny, the 22-year-old nursing student, too. Poor Jenny.) 
Seriously though, poor Everyman has Everything, and this isn't even a comprehensive sampling. (How are COPD and heart failure not on the list?)
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If you're an English major, you probably know that Everyman is a 15th century morality play, author unkown, and loads of fun (by fun, we mean moralizing).

At the beginning of the play, God tells Death to go tell Everyman that God's about to pull the plug on him. Death tells him just that, and reminds him by the way to not forget his account book (of good and bad deeds). Everyman begs for more time, and for a companion to "go" with him (what is this, ancient Egypt?) Death says sure, if you can find someone brave enough to die with you.

Fellowship, a new character, runs for his life, literally, when Everyman asks…

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