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What to Expect When You're NCLEX-ing Part II: Pearson

If you missed part I about NCLEX Test Basics, click here.

1. Signing up

Pay both the Board of Registered Nursing ($300) and Pearson ($200) two weeks before nursing school finals/graduation. Somehow I missed the memo about Pearson and was so freaked out by the time I paid Pearson I took the first date the system offered me without fulling understanding how close it was (in my head it was still May-ish, but it wasn't...later, I realized my test date was my late mother's birthday). I hadn't expected to test so soon--in fact, I'd ordered an NCLEX review book that didn't arrive until the day after I took the test.

2. Showing up

I had a 1pm test slot and made my way into the test building 45 minutes early. They scanned my palms, photographed me and let me right in. This does not apply to 8am tests (and definitely don't be more than 30 min. late), but if you're testing in the afternoon, it might be worthwhile to go in early because it's unlikely all the morning …

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