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Metaphorsis = Metaphor/Metamorphosis

Thank you to The Laurel Review for selecting my (prose) poetry chapbook, Metaphorsis, as the winner of the Midwest Chapbook Contest, to be published by Greentower Press in 2020.

This project I actually did write during nursing school, while thinking about nursing theory, life changes, pain, and the metamorphosis of insects. Also, thank you so much, Dr. Lytle, for the entomological consult.

In a way, the manuscript was a precursor to our RN graduation speech about going from useless eggs and pathetic, wormy caterpillars to brand new butterflies. It's not all Kafka's The Metamorphosis, but we humans undergo metamorphosis metaphorically, through growth, life events, chance encounters, and seasons of life.

Since I never submitted parts of this project to journals, here're some free excerpts:

1. A microcosmic metaphor for the tenderness and terror of human longing and loss: the life cycle of an arthropod.*

We are always molting, shedding old cells, every few days a new stomach linin…

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