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Baby Nurse

There are many parallels between motherhood and nursing, puns not withstanding. Both are caring and giving professions, though motherhood is an eternal job, while nurses can at least day.

From Mercy's pumpkin contest. Really wanted this one to win.
As it turns out, there are parallels between babies and being a nurse, at least when one happens to be a baby nurse.
A newborn baby communicates through cries and sees best 8-12 inches away, like a new nurse with tunnel vision, looking for where to chart which of 100 things in the computer system.
A 1-month-old has fully-developed hearing, responds to familiar sounds, and can tell the difference between her mother's breastmilk and random people's breastmilk (?) One month into her position, a new RN develops a better ear for all the heart and lung sounds, and continues to hear all the call lights and IV poles beeping and phones ringing long after going home. She can also sniff out coffee from a distance.
A two month-old

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