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Got GlaxoSmithKline flu shot on my left deltoid, Pfizer covid booster on my right yesterday, and so far the main complaints are one arm about to fall off (guess which?) and insomnia. The administering nurse told me others said the flu shot caused more soreness, so I got the booster on my right/dominant side. Right now, the flu shot soreness is tolerable, while the Pfizer side feels like something is actively chewing it off. Grateful for no fever chills anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergic reaction), however. It took me awhile to decide to get the booster, up to the second the nurse injected me, as I felt the jab of a cold needle and thought, "well, too late to change my mind now." Initially, I wanted to hold out for a better booster, maybe the 2022 edition accounting for new variants. My previous two doses were enough to not land me in our own ICU, but ultimately with flu season coming, if there was anything I could do to not become patient zero somewhere or at least do no

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