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OS = Oculus Sinister

Which of your eyes is evil? In Latin, oculus sinister (OS), the left one. 

Incidentally, the right eye, oculus dexter (OD), does have a television series about a serial killer named after it.

According to Rachel Spector, author of Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness, the evil eye is one of the oldest and most widespread cultural beliefs in the world. 

The evil eye may strike a victim from the eye or mouth, bringing about mysterious illness or misfortune. In different parts of the world, beliefs around the source of the evil eye vary--strangers in Mexico, kinfolk in Iran, witches in Greece, the devil in the Mediterranean, a deity in the Near East, a "low grade phenomenon" among Slovak Americans (Spector, 2017, p.79).

The injury, illness or misfortune caused by an evil eye may be prevented or cured with rituals, symbols, and talismans such as the ones below.

In western medicine, we study stress and its effects on the immune system, viruses, bacteria, carcinogens and other p…

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