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You can pay a bill, date a Bill (and/or kill him), bill someone, or support a bill such as AB3087, which addresses California's health care cost, quality, and equity.

While many healthcare facilities oppose AB3087 as it puts the state of California in charge of setting prices for hospital stays, doctor’s visits, and other services covered by commercial insurers, the high cost of healthcare has a far greater correlation with insurance and pharmaceutical companies rather than hospital or provider billing practices.

AB3087 aims to reduce costs to consumers by limiting the amounts hospitals/providers are allowed to bill for services, which on the surface appears to strain already-impacted human resources and providers in the area. However, another way of viewing the issue is that if healthcare billing is capped or restricted, insurance costs and pharmaceutical company upcharges should by association be restricted as well. Healthcare should not be a for-profit endeavor for commercial in…

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